Perez Appointed to Ex-Im Advisory Committee

SBEA is proud to announce that Ms. Maggie Perez, the CFO of MD International in Miami, FL, has been chosen by the Export-Import Bank of the United States to serve on its Advisory Committee. MD International, which exports medical equipment to Latin America and other parts of the world, was chosen as Ex-Im Bank’s “Small Business Exporter of the Year” last year. The company is a long-standing member of the SBEA Board of Directors, and Ms. Perez has been active in SBEA.

Ex-Im’s Advisory Committee enjoys an increasingly important influence on the Bank’s operations, and Perez will be a vital voice for smaller exporting companies on it. She is a CPA who holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and worked for Coca-Cola, Bausch & Lomb, as well as several small companies, before taking on her present position at MD International. SBEA congratulates Ms. Perez and MD International on the appointment.