Myron Zucker, Inc.

Myron Zucker, Inc. is a premier power quality solutions provider, supplying low-voltage power factor correction capacitors and harmonic filters to facilities concerned with utility costs, energy efficiency, and equipment performance. Our expertise in electrical design and industrial applications allows us to provide a broad range of standard and custom power quality solutions. For five years we have been using Ex-Im Bank and have used the Accounts Receivable Insurance. The Bank has helped reduce the risk of bad debt and allows us to offer terms instead of payment in advance. The Bank has also given us the ability to offer terms that allowed us to win several projects exported to Japan.

Without Ex-Im insurance, we would become non-competitive on bids for international projects. Most international prospects want the option to establish terms of net 30 days. We are a small company and cannot take the risk. With receivable insurance through Ex-Im Bank (with approved credit) we are able to compete on product, not terms. If Ex-Im Bank is not reauthorized, Myron Zucker, Inc. would not bid on international projects.