Maverick Enterprises

Maverick Enterprises, located in Monroe, North Carolina, develops biodegradable plastic packaging. Our “Green Film™” provides you plastic that is landfill biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable. Maverick Enterprises “Green Film™” was used in the development of the first 100 percent landfill biodegradable PET, coffee bags, and landfill biodegradable plastic backing for diapers.

Over the past five years, I have been doing business with the Ex-Im Bank. If I had not obtained the credit insurance from Ex-Im, I could not have been able to sell my products at all. I used to sell products worth between $13,000 and $70,000 per order and if I had any loss my company would have been bankrupted, if it hadn’t been for the protection that Ex-Im gives for non-payment. Now I am developing new sustainable products requested by customers from around the world.

When inquiring about insurance options at other companies, most charge a monthly fee whether or not you ship and even my bank thought my company was too small to even work with me. Yes, I am a small company, but my products have been getting a lot of attention from countries around the world because of their sustainability. When I made my first landfill biodegradable coffee bag, I had requests from Europe, Australia, Canada, and South America. Unfortunately, without Ex-Im insurance I would have only considered shipping to Canada. I honestly do not know how I can ship outside the U.S without Ex-Im. I am currently sampling a new version of the diaper backing and if Ex-Im is not reauthorized my ability to sell to those customers would be put in jeopardy.