Fornazor International, Inc.

Fornazor International, Inc. and it’s related companies are a Hillsdale, New Jersey based export company and our business is 100 percent export (international). We are a fully integrated Ag (grain and feed) exporter, transloader (terminal container loading operations) and NVOCC (ocean freight sales). We have been using Ex-Im Bank for 25 years and have used the Bank Credit Line based on receivables. Just recently we developed a line of credit based on inventory to further increase our scope of supplying export product from the USA supplier.

In 1987, we started our business with four employees and a borrowed office. Our extreme growing pains were caused by a lack of trade financing. At that time Commerce Bank (today TD Bank) brought to the table the idea of the Ex-Im Bank to help us. Since those early days and from that borrowed office we grew to close to 100 employees, we own our own office building, we own four processing plants and are proud to say that for the past two years we have been on the Journal of Commerce’s top 100 Exporters list. We were 87th in the Nation in 2013.

Today, we have many new projects on the drawing board including grain origination in New Jersey for export. In order to move these projects forward we need the Ex-Im Bank that we have flourished under for the past 25 years. We compete with major suppliers, for example Brazil, Argentina, Peru, EU, Ukraine and India, in addition to many minor suppliers around the globe. The Ex-Im Bank has enabled us to do just that……..compete!

Without the assistance of Ex-Im Bank, we will undergo a substantial negative impact. We have many projects we are ready to move forward with based on the support of Ex-Im. Should it not be approved it would sideline many of these export projects. We only ask that the Ex-Im Bank be kept alive so there can be many more success stories like Fornazor International Inc.