Exporters Must Now File the Government’s Standard Exporting Form Electronically

Exporters must now electronically file the key shipping document required by the federal government.

The Shippers Export Declaration (SED), which is required for goods valued at more than $2500 leaving the United States, has been available in both paper and electronic forms for several years.

Starting July 2, 2008, however, the Commerce Department required all SED’s to be filed electronically.

Enforcement of the new rule, with fines for noncompliance, will be phased in. Until September 30, 2008, paper SED’s will be accepted, but exporters will using them will receive a notice of noncompliance and a warning. After September 30, no paper forms will be accepted.

Exporters who use freight forwarders should check with them to be sure that all SED’s filed on behalf of your company are electronic.

SED’s may be filed electronically through the Automated Export System (AES) in four ways:

(1) Using software developed by your company that meets AES’s interface requirements.

(2) By means of software purchased from an AES certified vendor;

(3) Through freight forwarders and other certified agents filing on behalf of your company; and

(4) Utilizing “AESDirect,” which permits free online filing through the Census Bureau without the need for user software.

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