Air Tractor, Inc.

For nearly 20 years, with the assistance of Ex-Im Bank, Air Tractor has steadily increased its export sales, and thereby our production and employment. Today, more than half of our production was delivered to customers outside of the U.S. Ex-Im’s medium term credit insurance product has been and continues to be a critical and necessary part of the total sales package we provide creditworthy clients around the world.

Air Tractor’s success has a wide economic impact, both in terms of our vendors—of which over half are small, U.S. businesses—and the businesses in Olney which are supported by our employees. Without Ex–Im, many of Air Tractor’s export sales would not be made. Ex-Im’s Medium Term credit insurance product directly supports approximately 25 percent of Air Tractor annual sales. Additionally, our exporting success has facilitated market exposure for us that has allowed our total export sales to reach 50 percent of sales.