Princeton Healthcare

Princeton Healthcare is an exporter of healthcare equipment and technology and a provider of management consulting and advisory services. We have used Ex-Im Bank for over 10 years and have used both the Medium Term Insurance Product and the Insurance Guarantee Programs. Ex-Im Bank has allowed my firm to provide competitively priced equipment and technology with low interest financing in several key emerging markets. Without these facilities and guarantees it is difficult for smaller and medium sized companies to compete.

We are consistently competing against European, Chinese and Indian firms, in a number of important market segments. Today, even more so than in the past, we have to have comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Ex-Im Banks helps us accomplish some of these goals. Lastly, Ex-Im should be provided with additional resources, and funding to meet today’s challenges. The allocation and reauthorization should increase, so Ex-Im can concentrate their efforts on assisting small and medium sized businesses.