Bill in Congress Would Improve Small Exporter Access to China

Smaller U.S. exporters would have improved access to the Chinese market under legislation introduced in Congress on August 2. The bill (H.R. 3273, introduced in the House by Rep. Rick Larsen, D-WA) includes provisions like these:

o China market experts would be posted to U.S. Export Assistance Centers around the nation.

o State governments that want help their smaller companies export would be eligible for federal matching grants.

o SBA would provide companies planning to export to China with a specialist on China culture.

o And a competitive program would be set up to reimburse small exporters for the costs of participating in trade missions to China.

These initiatives would greatly improve the ability of smaller U.S. exporters to operate in China, in SBEA’s view. Both Rep. Larsen and Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) have worked on this legislation. SBEA commends them both for the constructive steps their bill proposes.

A summary of the bill will be found here:


Rep. Larsen’s press release on this and several other China-related bills will be found here:

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