EX-IM Bank Questionnaire

Dear Small-Business Owner:

Thank you for taking a few moments to tell the Small Business Exporters Association and National Small Business Association a little more about what exporting means for your business. As Congress debates trade policy and leaders negotiate trade agreements, we want to ensure small exporters voices are heard, and your personal exporting story can be incredibly impactful. NSBA and SBEA will share your profile with lawmakers and also will post them on our website in order to enhance the collective understanding of what it means to be a small- or mid-sized exporter in the U.S. today.

Please complete the questions below and email this form along with pictures of you and your business to jmilanese@sbea.org.

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    Countries of Export

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    Please provide a brief description of your business; products and services you export.

    What Ex-Im financing products/programs have you used in the past or currently use?

    How long have you been using Ex-Im Bank?

    How has the Bank helped grow and contributed to the success of your business. What problems has it helped solve in exporting your products?

    If Ex-Im Bank was not reauthorized, what impact would it have your ability to do business?